Invitation to 2015 Vintage

Exalted and Distinguished Wine Club Members,

If you are reading this, congratulations, you are part of a very exclusive group invited to be members in the LS Wine Club for the 2015 vintage. The selection process was rigorous, with many people not making the cut. You really should be proud of yourself.

The initial plan is to do the same thing as last year. We have all the equipment from last year, so we really just need to get more grapes. We plan on getting another 1,000 pounds of crushed grapes (perhaps more if SWMBO will allow it) in late September. We will ferment them in vats, have a pressing party a week or so later, and have a similar bottling party a year later. All of this can be yours for the low cost of $100.

Please don’t take this decision lightly. Please only accept this invitation if the following apply to you:
– You plan on staying in the greater bay area for the next 12-15 months
– You have continued faith that Landon and Leah are good stewards of your wine
– You actually like the wine that has been made from the last vintage
– You enjoy attending the parties and gatherings throughout the year
– Your need interesting hobbies for your online dating profile

The pertinent question currently is what varietal to buy. To please most people, I’m limiting the option to red wine, and it has to be different from what we did in 2014 (Zinfandel). Beyond that, you get a vote. You can find the full list of available varietals from our wine source here:

Likely options include:
Syrah – Amador – $1.00/lbs
Cabernet Sauvignon – El Dorado – $0.95/lbs
Petite Sirah – Lodi – $0.95/lbs
Cabernet Franc – Lodi – $0.95/lbs
Malbec – Lodi – $0.95/lbs

Note that price went up about 5% from last year; we paid $0.90/lbs for the 2014 Zinfandel.  What do you want? What do you hate? Please make your vote known to Leah and I and we’ll pick the winner. Also, If you’re interested in doing more, and want to partner with me for a small batch of something different, I’d be very open to that. Do you have a grape source?

Please formally let Leah or I know if you would like to accept your invitation to the LS Wine Club for the 2015 vintage.

Looking forward to another successful year …..

Bottling Party 2015

Summertime is upon us, and fall approaches fast. As such, your wine club membership and patience are about to pay off in a big way. Leah and I will be hosting a bottling party at some point in the late summer or early fall. Your attendance is required, so we are giving ample notice, and considerable options. We are considering the following days:

August 8th – Saturday
August 9th – Sunday
August 15th – Saturday
August 16th – Sunday
August 22nd – Saturday
August 23rd – Sunday
August 29th – Saturday
August 30th – Sunday
September 12th – Saturday
September 13th – Sunday

Can you kindly let me know your date restrictions and preferences, and Leah and I will figure out the day that works best for all/most people. It would be great to let us know *all* the dates that work for you, so we can pick a date that works for everybody. A comment below, or emailing us directly would be great.

The party will likely be midday, starting perhaps at noon(?). You will be required to bring 24 empty bottles and something to transport them in. Two wine cases is a good idea. There will be four stations set up that you will move through: (a) rinse, (b) sanitize, (c) fill, (d) and cork. You should give your bottles a light rinse after you use them so that the sediment doesn’t dry on the bottom. We will be providing the corks. If you are a bart person, and carrying two full cases of wine on bart would be tough, you are welcome to leave it at our place and we will deliver them to you later (…mostly full). Let us know.

Again, it’s important that you attend. If everybody is there, and does their share of the work, I imagine this will all be very easy and smooth. There will be well over 300 bottles total to fill. If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Leah or I.